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Granting Collaborator Access
Granting Collaborator Access
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To assist you, we at UpOrder will often need collaborator access to your Shopify store. This means your Shopify admins may receive an email/s requesting access. Of course, we will only request access to the app section and the sections allowing us to help troubleshoot issues.

The areas we will need to have access to include:

  • Orders

  • Products

  • Discounts

  • Manage and install apps and channels

  • Manage Settings

If you have a collaborator request code enabled, you must provide the code to one of our Customer Service Specialists before we can request collaborator access.

If you inadvertently deny us the collaboration access, you can always adjust your response in Shopify. Go to Settings > Users and Permissions > Pantastic and edit the permissions for UpOrder from there.

Once you have approved access to your store, we can troubleshoot and make necessary adjustments to your UpOrder templates.

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