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How Do I Set Up Discounts With UpOrder?
How Do I Set Up Discounts With UpOrder?

How to automatically generate discount codes that work with Shopify

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The discount code component works automatically with your Shopify store. When your customer opens their email a unique one-time use discount is generated and added to the back end of your Shopify store and visible in your Shopify admin.

We use the customers first name and a random array of numbers and letters for each discount code so they are personalized.

To get started, open your template set and add the "Discount" component on the left side into the template of your choice.

The default discount will be set at 10% off your next order within 14 days.

However you can customize this to meet your needs. To do this, click directly on the Discount Component in your template. Once you have clicked on it, you will see the options to customize your discount on the right hand column.

You now have the option to set the discount type to be a percentage amount, a monetary amount, or free shipping. You can also change the expiration date as well as limit the discount to be redeemable on a specific collection or on orders over a specific amount only. You can also limit the discount to first time customers only (please note that this feature does not work for the following templates: Draft Order Invoice, POS Exchange Receipt, Payment Error and Gift Card Created).

Once you are happy with your discount settings and template design, simply save and set your template live in Shopify for the discount code to take effect. When your customer opens their email, UpOrder will display a unique discount code and automatically add it to your Shopify store, so there’s no additional setup required.

These discounts are templates specific so you will need to set these up on all of the templates you want.

You will need to publish your updated templates to Shopify for these changes to be reflected in your notification emails.

Here is a quick video covering our discount component:

Kindly note that we generate the discount codes from when they are first opened instead of the sent date. This means they will be active from the email open date.

For example, if a discount code with a 7-day expiration period was sent on March 1st, and the email was opened on the March 12th, then code will expire on March 19th.

Want to have more control over the discounts? Conditional Recommendations could be for you! :)

Please reach out to [email protected] or through the in-app chat if you have any questions!

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