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How can I add and edit discounts in my email templates?
How can I add and edit discounts in my email templates?
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Discounts are a great way to reward your repeat customers!

Simply add the discount component into your desired template and customize your discount settings. It's as easy as that! Our app will create the unique discount codes for you and sync them with Shopify so there is nothing you need to do on your end! 

When editing the discount component, you can make changes to the discount offering (such as dollar amount off, percentage off, or free shipping) as well as the expiration period and messaging.

Here is a video with step-by-step instructions for your reference:

Kindly note that we generate the discount codes from when they are first opened instead of the sent date. This means they will be active from the email open date.

For example, if a discount code with a 7-day expiration period was sent on March 1st, and the email was opened on the March 12th, then code will expire on March 19th.

Lastly, to make these changes effective, make sure you set the email templates live into Shopify again!

Please reach out to [email protected] or through the in-app chat if you have any questions!

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