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What are conditional product recommendations?
What are conditional product recommendations?

Learn about conditional recommendations and how they work

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The conditional recommendations feature is designed for seasoned merchants who prefer more control of their recommendations.
The conditional recommendation feature allows you to set rules around the products we recommend within your notification emails. For example, if someone purchases a product from X collection, then we will recommend products from Y collection. This is a great feature if you have collections that complement each other within your store.

As a safeguard, in the event that a product was not purchased from a previously specified collection (X collection), you will also be able choose a default collection instead.


To enable conditional recommendations, you will need click on the "Product Recommendation" component. Once you have done so, please check off the "Conditional Recommendation" box on the right hand side.

From there, you will be able to select your X and Y collections, along with a default collection in case if your customers did not purchase from the X collection.

Don't see the collection you want? Click on "Load more collections" to pull more collections in from your store.
Here is a quick video of how to set these up in the builder:

Please note that you will have to enable the conditional recommendation feature on each template.

To make these changes effective, make sure you set the email templates live into Shopify again!

Please reach out to [email protected] or through the in-app chat if you have any questions!

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