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Understanding UpOrder's Billing Structure
Understanding UpOrder's Billing Structure
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UpOrder offers usage billing with tighter volume tiers to better align with your store’s actual usage. This means you will never pay too much for your UpOrder plan during each usage cycle.

How does new billing work?

Our new billing structure is still based on your store’s order volume per usage cycle. However, the increments are much more gradual. The first 25 orders of each cycle are always free. At 26 orders per cycle, you will be billed $10 USD. Once you hit 51 orders for the cycle, you will be billed $20 USD. For each additional 50 orders thereafter, your rate will increase in $10 increments.

We determine your store's order volume by tracking email sends that use our templates and correspond to a unique Order ID. To simplify, if a customer makes a purchase and receives a notification email such as Order Confirmation, it will be counted as 1 order (1 email send & 1 Order ID), regardless of the type and number of notification emails sent out per Order ID. This ensures a straightforward calculation of your order volume.

*If you average more than 1,000 monthly orders, use Shopify Plus, or have multiple stores to support, contact us at [email protected] so our team can tailor a Custom plan to best fit your needs.

What is a usage cycle?

A usage cycle is a time period of 30 calendar days.

Your UpOrder plan cycle begins once your free trial is complete. After each usage cycle, your order volume will reset to 0. For billing purposes, your UpOrder usage cycle may be different from your Shopify billing cycle.

How does new billing differ from before?

Besides billing usage on tighter volume tiers, our new billing structure offers a few additional benefits:

  • 30-day trial (try UpOrder out for 30 days at no cost or obligation)*

  • UpOrder branding removed from the footer of emails

As always, the following is still available for all brands:

  • Access to all 27 Shopify notification emails

  • UpOrder recommended products

  • Unique UpOrder discount codes

  • Performance analytics on your Shopify notification emails

  • Access to our support documents and help center

*Please note: By activating the 30-day trial, you accept UpOrder's Terms of Service. This means that you will be automatically charged on the completion of your 30-day trial unless the app has been removed from your store before the trial expires.

UpOrder cannot accept any charges on your behalf. These must be accepted by your Shopify store owner or an admin with permission to do so.

Does UpOrder no longer have a free plan?

We still do! If your store has up to 25 orders per month, you can still use our free plan at no cost.

How do I find out my current usage?

Simply click Usage & Plans within the app:

On this screen, you will see your current usage for the month and the next cycle start date, which automatically resets every 30 days. If your store’s volume is up to 25 orders per month, you will never be charged for using UpOrder.

How do UpOrder charges appear on my Shopify bill?

All UpOrder charges will be consolidated onto your Shopify bill.

Please note: As billing starts once your trial is finished, your UpOrder billing cycle may be different from Shopify's billing cycle. This means usage charges from the previous month may appear on your current Shopify bill.

Please reach out to [email protected] or through the in-app chat if you have any questions!

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