Shopify Notification Emails:
These are the emails that Shopify sends out automatically whenever a customer interacts with your store. Here is the full list of the Shopify notification emails we power:

 - Order Confirmation
 - Order Canceled
 - Order Refund
 - Order Invoice
 - Email Cart From POS
 - Abandoned Checkout
 - POS Receipt
 - POS Exchange Receipt
 - Gift Card Created
 - Order Edited
 - Order Edit Invoice
 - Payment Error

 - Shipping Confirmation
 - Shipping Update
 - Shipment Out for Delivery
 - Shipment Delivered
 - Return Label Instructions

 - Customer Account Invite
 - Customer Account Welcome
 - Customer Account Password Reset
 - Contact Customer

Local Pickup:

- Order Ready For Pick Up
- Order Has Been Picked Up

Local Deliveries:
- Out For Delivery
- Delivered
- Missed Delivery

Email Marketing:
- Confirmation Email.

Follow-up Emails:
These are emails sent by UpOrder directly and are sent after certain events you specify, such as 3 days after an order or 1 day after abandoning a checkout. These emails are meant to help get your customers back to your store and drive repeat sales. Here is the full list of these emails:

- Additional Abandoned Checkout Emails
- Customer Winback
- Purchased From Collection
- Specific Product Purchased
- Review Of Physical Good
- Review Of Digital Good
- Any Purchase
- Any Shipment
- Feedback On Physical Good
- Feedback On Digital Good

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