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What Is The Difference Between UpOrder's Shopify Notification Emails and Typical Marketing Emails?
What Is The Difference Between UpOrder's Shopify Notification Emails and Typical Marketing Emails?

What is a notification email?

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UpOrder's Shopify Notification Emails

UpOrder's notification templates allow your brand to turn the transactional emails you're already sending to customers into opportunities for repeat business and increased sales. Shopify sends out notifications automatically whenever a customer interacts with your store, and UpOrder allows you to add unique design and marketing features to these notifications.

Here is the complete list of the Shopify notification emails UpOrder powers:

 - Order Confirmation
 - Order Canceled
 - Order Refund
 - Order Invoice
 - Email Cart From POS
 - Abandoned Checkout*
 - POS Receipt
 - POS Exchange Receipt
 - Gift Card Created
 - Order Edited
 - Order Edit Invoice
 - Payment Error

 - Shipping Confirmation
 - Shipping Update
 - Shipment Out for Delivery
 - Shipment Delivered
 - Return Label Instructions

 - Customer Account Invite
 - Customer Account Welcome
 - Customer Account Password Reset
 - Contact Customer

Local Pickup:

- Order Ready For Pick Up
- Order Has Been Picked Up

Local Deliveries:
- Out For Delivery
- Delivered
- Missed Delivery

Email Marketing:
- Confirmation Email.

*The Abandoned Checkout email will be sent out once a customer reaches the checkout page. UpOrder does not support cart abandonment or browse abandonment emails.

Typical Marketing Emails/ Campaigns

A typical marketing email campaign is a series of marketing efforts that are sent via email to multiple people at once. The goal of an email campaign is to entice the recipients to purchase a product or service or to learn more about the business. Some examples of marketing emails include:

  • Email Newsletters

  • Promotional emails

  • Re-engagement emails (browse abandonment, cart abandonment)

Each one serves a different purpose and takes a different avenue to engage with your audience.

Of course, we all know how frequently emails like this get deleted before they are even opened. Unlike transactional emails, customers aren't necessarily motivated to open these kinds of emails.

With much higher open rates, this is why UpOrder focuses on your transactional email notifications!

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