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Add LimeSpot's Product Recommendations in your UpOrder notification emails

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Once you have LimeSpot installed, you are able to personalize your emails based on your shoppers' behaviors by embedding LimeSpot's product recommendation widget that will help your customers discover the right products at the right time.

Adding LimeSpot Recommendations to Your UpOrder Templates

1. In the LimeSpot app, once you have created your first campaign, you can click on the "Copy to clipboard" button:

2. The next step is to login to your UpOrder app and select the set of templates that you want to add the widget to under Notification Templates:

3. Once you are in the template builder, if you are currently using UpOrder's default Product Recommendations on your existing templates, we recommend that you remove this component before adding the LimeSpot recommendations widget:

4. To embed LimeSpot's recommendation widget, you will want to add a "Code" component to the template by clicking on the "Add section" button on the bottom left hand corner:

5. Once you have added the 'Code' component, you will want to paste the codes you copied from LimeSpot:

6. OPTIONAL: If you prefer, you can add a "Text" component as a header above the LimeSpot product recommendations widget:

7. Once you have finished editing your templates, be sure to publish the them to Shopify to ensure that the changes are reflected.

Here is a video showing you the step-by-step process:

Please reach out to [email protected] or through the in-app chat if you have any questions!

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